MIQ for AWS resellers

As an AWS reseller I get billing files on a S3 bucket. I usually have a python script that parses that information by customer, tag, Aws service, etc and then sends them an email with the parsed file.
I was in the process of building a Django app to offer this file and other information via web.
if i was to use ManageIQ to offer these parsed files, what would be the best approach? i was thinking about creating a generic item in a service catalog but i dont know if this is a good approach or even where to start.

anyone have a suggestion about this?

Several of us discussed charge back and billing at the MIQ Summit last week. It is currently lacking in MIQ and we haven’t been able to find another open source effort that could be leveraged. I believe there is opportunity to create something that can tie in to the future plugin architecture of MIQ or be used standalone.

Hi -

Have you looked at jBilling? It is an open source billing and invoicing solution used by a lot of telecom providers.
This paper describes a model how such a system might work.


They use a variant of a IPDR (IP Detail Record) to collect data from various CSP. I am happy to contribute and help collaborate with other folks that might be interested.