Miq instance object in a generic service

Can someone tell me how i can retrieve information from miq during the workflow in case of generic service.
As known for VMWare service, the object is miq_provision, and for example you can retrieve os platform during workflow’s run with for example /Infrastructure/VM/Provisioning/StateMachines/PlatformSpecific/platform_specific#${/#miq_provision.source.platform}

In case of generic service, this object does not exist during the run, we can see errors like this in the automation.log, “Error during substitution: undefined method source for :nil”

thanks for help

A generic service runs your own state machine or workflow, rather than the VM Provision state machine (not all generic services provision VMs for example). What’s your workflow doing?

It’s possible that your generic service workflow is assembling the arguments to call $evm.execute(‘create_provision_request’,…), in which case the VM Provision state machine will be run through, but this will be as a new asynchronous automation request/task.

You could try calling InspectMe or object_walker from various parts of your workflow to see what objects and attribute are available at that point in the workflow.

Hope this helps,