MIQ Integration with OpenStack - Quota Management


We have a ManageIQ Fine-3 environment orchestrating two OpenStack Liberty providers.
We are currently focused on developing some custom quota management tasks (RAM, Colors, Instance Number and Volumetry) / Projects.
The Fine-3 version already provides us with a number of information regarding the quotas and consumption of the OpenStack provider.
But the volumetry information is not loaded.


We would like to know if this is related to a limitation of the tool, or due a lack of user permission on OpenStack side.
The user that manageiq uses to connect to the OpenStack provider is not an admin, but it has access to the volumetric information and cinder APIs.

Thanks for your help

@tzumainn @aufi Can you help out here?

No one could help me in this problem?


Please check the following advanced settings on the server with provider inventory role:

      - :cloud_object_store_containers
      - :cloud_object_store_objects
      - :cloud_volume_backups
      - :host_aggregates

You should not have there any items related to quotas.


Currently in my configuration I do not have this item structure.

The ems_refresh structure looks like this.

Should I add these items?
Is there any document where I can learn how to set the structure of ems_refresh -> openstack?

I did not understand exactly what you meant by the phrase “You should not have any items related to quotas.”
Are you telling me that I can not customize quota information?

Thank you in advance for the contribution