MIQ+kubernets error metric

when I add kubernets to MIQ as a container provider by following these steps
1 kubectl create ns management-infra
2kubectl create sa management-infra management-admin
3 kubectl create his -n management-infra inspector-admin
4 kubectl create clusterrolebinding management-infra-cluster-reader --clusterrole = cluster-reader --user = system: serviceaccount: infra-management: management-admin
5 kubectl describe secret -n infra-management $ (kubectl get secrets -n management-infra | grep management-admin | cut -f1 -d ‘’) | grep -E ‘^ token’ | cut -f2 -d ‘:’ | tr -d ‘\ t’

i dont have any détail for my cluster ( nod pod…)
it is port worng ?
moreover I can not also add the metric; yet promethis is installed

I can’t remember what metrics were acceptable for Kubenetes, but it used to only support Hawkular metrics. @agrare Do you know?

so what I need to do to see my nodes in the MIQ dashbord
thank you

I know there is backend code for prometheus as well but I don’t see a dropdown to select on the UI. What version are you using @amine_boubaker?

ManageIQ Version: hammer-7

there is a choice between Prometheus orHawkular

If I use hawkular I well see my nodes in the dashboard miq?
Just I need to watch the nodes an the dashboard