MIQ SaltStack formula for CentOS6/7 and other platforms [WIP]

I’m developing a SaltStack formula to deploy ManageIQ on multiple platforms. This formula will be Ruby 2.0 only and uses the new Ruby 2.0 branch of MIQ that jrafanie is developing (https://github.com/jrafanie/manageiq/tree/ruby_2_x_support). Right now it sucessfully builds on CentOS7. I’ll post it when CentOS6 is also working.

Support for RHEL6, RHEL7, CentOS6 and CentOS7
Credentials managed from pillar
Database provisioning
Firewall configuration
Apache configuration
Support for SuSE and Debian/Ubuntu

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@deuscapturus Note: that nearly all of the ruby_2_x_support branch has been merged into master, so you should be able to do the formula against master. Very cool to see.

@jrafanie I was only able to get commit c7ec6981026ef9495f5fe467f14bd3a1871df647 from Date: Thu Oct 9 15:39:08 2014 -0400 on your repo working. The current ruby_2_x_support branch and master from the official repo are not working. I’ll investigate…

This is great! Thanks for taking this on.

Please let me know if you need anything - more than happy to be a facilitator here.


@deuscapturus in case you’re not familiar, github has a pretty much hidden feature that allows you to see what commits have occurred since your tested commit sha1.

It’s similar to running this locally (where upstream is the ManageIQ repo):
git diff c7ec6981026ef9495f5fe467f14bd3a1871df647 upstream/master