MIQ UI Hanging?

I’ve been running into a number of cases where the UI hangs and hangs.

Below is a screenshot and then some console logs. Couldn’t find anything helpful in the evm.log file when I checked earlier (and it was the most recently updated log file).

    at new App (chrome-extension://aadgmnobpdmgmigaicncghmmoeflnamj/ng-inspector.js:967)
    at Function.NGI.App.App.bootstrap (chrome-extension://aadgmnobpdmgmigaicncghmmoeflnamj/ng-inspector.js:1031)
    at Object.window.angular.bootstrap (chrome-extension://aadgmnobpdmgmigaicncghmmoeflnamj/ng-inspector.js:1512)
    at miq_bootstrap (application-5382ea32697287b71488d2943272b2c440a300f827e21adfe5f6fce1ec357799.js:1)
    at eval (eval at globalEval (vendor-9c7922bec48a028db370.js:94), <anonymous>:1:1)
    at eval (<anonymous>)
    at Function.globalEval (vendor-9c7922bec48a028db370.js:94)
    at ye (vendor-9c7922bec48a028db370.js:105)
    at _.fn.init.append (vendor-9c7922bec48a028db370.js:105)
    at _.fn.init.<anonymous> (vendor-9c7922bec48a028db370.js:105)
(anonymous) @ application-5382ea32697287b71488d2943272b2c440a300f827e21adfe5f6fce1ec357799.js:1`

Any theories?

I see 2 possible scenarios:

  1. there’s a busy-wait cycle where the UI is polling something on the server, some action that is queued and not yet processed.

  2. evaluation of a (javascript) response crashed leaving the spinner opened on the screen

I am not sure what is the log you are showing. If it is a stacktrace from an exception then it’s the case 2).

To be 100% sure you can check the network tab in the browser development tools. If you see repeated requests/responses as the wheel turns, then it’s the case 1) In this case you would also see repeated requests in the server side UI worker log or the API log.

Inspecting a couple of server responses before the situation will give you more insight. Such as the javascript code that caused the crash (in case 2).

Thank you @martinpovolny! The next time it happens I’ll dig into it with those tips.