MiqAlert not showing in reports


I am facing a problem with the Reporting feature, which does not seem to be able to list MiqAlerts.
I have tried building a report based on “Management Event”, without any specific filters at first.
The report lists all sorts of Management events visible on the timelines, but no “MiqAlert” type events.

The alerts that I am looking for are sent to “Timeline” and “Managment Event” channels.

Any idea if this is a bug, or expected behaviour ?

Thank you for your help !


Hi @Lux take a look at this thread and see if it helps with your question.

Hi jprause,

Thanks for replying. I don’t think that topic is related to my issue : I do get the alert events on the timelines, so the alerts are behaving as expected. It was still valuable knowledge, though.

My issue is that these alerts are not showing in the reports, when I choose “Management Event” based reports.
I cannot find any report type that would show an MiqAlert source event.

Basically, I want a report that shows me the events from the alerts I onfigured.

@Lux let me see if I can get some help from a SME.