[MiqException::MiqProvisionError]: Customization Specification [] does not exist

Hi, I installed jansa-2 to see if this was fixed.
It is, but now I can’t provision vSphere VMs anymore…
I configured the “customize” tab of my services in this way:

But when the VM provisioning starts it errors out with:
[----] I, [2020-11-05T12:10:15.248099 #6810:2aeba824d95c] INFO – : Q-task_id([r2259_miq_provision_3348]) MIQ(ManageIQ::Providers::Vmware::InfraManager::Provision#build_customization_spec) Sysprep customization option set to [fields]
[----] I, [2020-11-05T12:10:15.248127 #6810:2aeba824d95c] INFO – : Q-task_id([r2259_miq_provision_3348]) MIQ(ManageIQ::Providers::Vmware::InfraManager::Provision#load_customization_spec) Using customization spec
[----] I, [2020-11-05T12:10:15.250060 #6810:2aeba824d95c] INFO – : Q-task_id([r2259_miq_provision_3348]) Starting Phase <provision_error>
[----] E, [2020-11-05T12:10:15.264267 #6810:2aeba824d95c] ERROR – : Q-task_id([r2259_miq_provision_3348]) MIQ(ManageIQ::Providers::Vmware::InfraManager::Provision#provision_error) [[MiqException::MiqProvisionError]: Customization Specification does not exist.] encountered during phase [start_clone_task]
[----] I, [2020-11-05T12:10:15.276310 #6810:2aeba824d95c] INFO – : Q-task_id([r2259_miq_provision_3348]) Child tasks finished but current task still processing. Setting state to: [finished]


Thanks for reporting this @c.mammoli! I’ll take a look, I think the issue is the handling of no selected customization spec is still trying to look one up.

Any news on this? This is causing problems for us as well…

Sorry! This fell off my radar because there wasn’t a github issue opened. I’m working on this now I’ll update when I confirm the fix