Missing VMware vCenter Events

During provisioning, I’m attempting to wait for the CustomizationSucceeded event prior to doing post clone tasks, however this event seemingly never appears. Calling $evm.vmdb(:ems_event).where(vm_name: $evm.root['miq_provision'].vm.name) returns [], even after the VM has successfully deployed.

It is as though the events are not being captured at all, yet they must be to trigger a provider refresh after the VM is cloned, which is triggered and completes successfully.

I can see the events being queued in evm.log, ie I see MiqQueue.put being called on a captured CustomizationSucceeded event for the VM I’ve just provisioned, but this event never makes its way into $evm.vmdb(:ems_event)

Could it be because it’s a low priority event and I don’t have a sufficient amount of workers spun up?

Turns out the event monitor worker was in a degraded state and not dequeueing EMS events, so nevermind :+1: