Modify user input from custom dialog

I use a user input from custom dialog as a parameter for heat orchestration template. I’d need to intervene through automate model and modify this input (i.e. add a prefix to a stack name specified by user). Unfortunately, the hash $evm.root[‘service_template_provision_task’].destination.options[:dialog] seems to be read-only. How can I modify this value?

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I have not done anything with heat orchestration, but for standard provisioning requests there is a set_option(key, value) method that I use.

In the documentation “Methods Available for Automation” it looks like there are the following methods on the Service Template Provision Task:

  • dialog_options
  • get_dialog_option(key)
  • service_resource
  • set_dialog_option(key, value)
  • status

@bill Can you help out with this question?

Thanks, @ewannema - I missed that. Thanks for help.

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