More detailed documetnation on tagging

I was wondering if there exists are more detailed documetnation on how to manage tags.

The doucmentation does not really describe the difference between tags and Smart Tags (extract from Insight Docu):
Descriptors that allow you to create a customized, searchable index for the resources in your clouds and infrastructure.
Descriptive terms defined by a CloudForms Management Engine user or the system used to categorize a resource.

But what does that actually mean? Why can I assign a tag to a user, but can also assign SmartTags to the same user?

I’m wondering if somebody already wrote an article or a document about this. Giving some best practice tips and how tags are related to the RBAC model would be nice too.


Or more to the point:
What’s the purpose of the menu “configure, configuration, access control” and when you modify a group, there is a sub menu “Policy, Edit tags for this group”?

I can not figure out what the value of this tag is. The policy menu is not available for user or role, which makes this also incosistent.