Move unreachable provider to maintenance zone

Hi please can you navigate how to move unreachable provider to maintenance zone?
I am not able to move it via Edit Infrastructure Providers option in UI because for required validation.
Is there any other way?
Thank you

Hi @Jan_Hladik,

This feels like we would need some special logic in the UI or possibly API, so I would expect this to be a kind of bug. Can you open a bug issue on ?



I agree that you should be able to move it to another zone.

But keep in mind that you should have one provider per zone.
So, normally, there would be no need to “move” it anywhere since the zone is dedicated to it and belongs to that specific provider.

If you have a zone shared with more than 1 provider, please change the architecture of your deployment.


@Guillermo_Reartes While we generally recommend a separate zone for each provider for scale reasons, there’s nothing wrong architecturally with having a single zone for all providers, particularly if you know that they are all relatively small. Most enterprise level deployments typically have 1000s of VMs under management per provider and for those we definitely recommend a separate zone each.

Separately the idea behind a maintenance zone is a way to prevent ManageIQ from spinning up all of the workers associated to a provider by having a zone with no workers/roles running in it. So moving a provider into it effectively disables that provider (i.e. puts it into maintenance). Since there should be no workers in that zone, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t be able to put as many providers in there as needed.