Multi-Delete button


Is there a way of creating a button to delete multiple VM’s?

Use case:
Users have a number of retired machines which are no longer required. I wish to delete them all from the retired VM filter.


Interestingly this was being discuss the other in context to something else. ManageIQ already has the capability in the code base, think about the reconfigure action, that supports multi select. Though I am not aware this is available to automate for you to consume.

This will make a nice enhancement request.

The existing “Configuration/Remove selected items from the VMDB” button in the UI will remove any items checked in the list view. Is this not what you are looking for?


I’m looking to delete these from disk.


Hey spole83,

I misunderstood, our multi-delete removes the VM objects from the VMDB within ManageIQ, not the actual VM disks hosted on the provider’s storage.

While this can be done in automate, we do not currently have support to put custom buttons on our list views, only when viewing a single element. I’m sure it could be done as an enhancement request tho, so feel free to open such an issue.