Multi-Region and Multi-Tenant

Is it possible to create a multi-tenant + multi-region environment in MiQ?

We are thinking of having two sub-regions with a master region for reporting. However, we want to also implement multi-tenancy, with a tenant being in two regions and getting consolidated reports in the master-region.

Is this possible at all?

I know I can create a tenant in region 1, and the same tenant in region 2. However, from the master region perspective they are different tenants.

Hi Experts
I have a similar question - It seems that integration with OpenStack tenants is currently limited to synchronizing the list of tenants. However the credentials used for OpenStack operations are always those of the initial user used when adding the provider (typically the OpenStack cloud Admin).
As far as I’ve seen, it is not possible to add the same provider again using different credentials. The hostname is already taken.

Is there a plan to enable tenant level operations within ManageIQ ?

While that part is lacking, is there away today to emulate that ability somehow through configuration or service catalog ?

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Hi all

The feature has been requested to engineering team with this bz case already.

It is targeted for next major release update.


Hi,when i setup a multi-region eveironment i just failed,Do you have any docs or links that helpful to setup the environment?

This is my option and error info: