Multilple dialogs for catalog bundles

We have a catalog bundle which is comprised of two catalog items, one for a virtual machine and one for an Ansible job that installs applications and services on top of the virtual machine once provisioned.

The Ansible job requires a few different arguments/variables to run, and the virtual machine also requires some values for provisioning (memory, name etc.). The virtual machine catalog item will be used as the base for a number of different catalog bundles, and thus the form and variables required for it will be the same regardless of the bundle. The variables for whichever Ansible job is in the catalog bundle will differ though, depending on the playbook or role being invoked.

It appears each catalog bundle has its own service dialog, as opposed to using the individual service dialog set for each catalog item? Am I missing something? Doesn’t seem like it would be a good idea to have a unique form for each bundle, as one change needed to the options for the virtual machine would require each catalog bundle’s service dialog to be updated.

Take a look on this topic: Nested Service Dialogs