Multiple IP Addresses per provider

Several existing ManageIQ providers such as RHEV and OpenStack have the possibility to add credentials for multiple components of the provider - RHEV-M & Reports (C&U Database) in the case of RHEV, and Keystone & AMQP in the case of OpenStack.

As we start to use ManageIQ/CloudForms to manage larger Enterprises, we need to allow for the fact that these components will probably be hosted on different servers and so be at different addresses.

Does anyone have a feel for how much work it would involve to add this functionality?


@pemcg, man you’re hitting all my hot-button issues! Love it!

I mentioned in Use Provider Hostname instead of IP Address that we’re actually currently working on this functionality to add Microsoft SCVMM support.

For SCVMM, it’s actually a hard requirement. For Openstack, it’s a very nice to have feature.

@bronaghs is currently working on this functionality. In fact, I think there’s already a talk article about it. I’ll find it and link it here.

Found it:

Thanks, that’s useful. I’d say that for the Enterprise this isn’t a nice to have, it’s essential.

How many 1000+ VM RHEV installations run reports on the same server as RHEV-M?
How many production OpenStack installations run AMQP on the same node as Keystone?

I think the answer to both is “very few”, and worse, it makes us look like we don’t understand the Enterprise.


If we add this, can we possibly use multiple hostnames?

Lets try and give customers the option to use a hostname any time they can enter an ip address.

This works better for ssl certificates, round robin dns, and load balancers.


I’ve seen that there are a couple of pull requests on this topic, some of them merged.
Is there anything that can needs to be done?