Multiple server deployment best practices

Deployment of multiple servers support high availability, load balancing, and zone management. From the stand point of security, is there consensus on what services (roles) can me minimally enabled as part of the user interface as opposed to those services that stay behind a firewall and have greater visibility into the infrastructure? The deployment of interest to me is one that manages openstack. Thank you


I am a newcomer to ManageIQ.
I want to know whether it supports HA and cluster deployment.

The application itself can be deployed in a distributed fashion to allow for redundancy and geographical separation. This is accomplished by designing the zones and roles appropriately. What ties it all together is the shared database that keeps not just the configuration of ManageIQ, but also the state, and reports of the system as a whole.

As for being able to deploy clusters it is completely up to you to develop the Service Catalogs that will deploy multiple systems that are interconnected to form a cluster. Indeed cluster deployment is very much tied to the infrastructure provider in terms of ease of deployment and features (i.e. AWS vs, Openstack vs VMware)