Network Topology Disappeared

I was able to see the network tepology for RHV with all VMs from the manageIQ but when I refresh the page it disappeared only showing the RHEVM circle, what is missing, how to fix it?
I am using gaprindashvili-2 / gaprindashvili-3

Any errors in the JS console?

On master, I’m seeing this, could be related:

angular.self-f52e96200e93eab5e5989b1cfc1563dcd14957ec50245b37ea763e6abd127a54.js:14962 Error: [$http:badreq] Http request configuration url must be a string or a $sce trusted object.  Received: undefined$http/badreq?p0=undefined
    at angular.self-f52e96200e93eab5e5989b1cfc1563dcd14957ec50245b37ea763e6abd127a54.js:126
    at $http (angular.self-f52e96200e93eab5e5989b1cfc1563dcd14957ec50245b37ea763e6abd127a54.js:12345)
    at Function.$http.(anonymous function) [as get] (http://localhost:3000/assets/angular/angular.self-f52e96200e93eab5e5989b1cfc1563dcd14957ec50245b37ea763e6abd127a54.js?body=1:12626:18)
    at NetworkTopologyCtrl.controller.refresh (topology_service.self-c603c946f63ec7a10e96c995629c8421ebdce0c741ab4f07065db80c7cdb9c8e.js:287)
    at Object.mixinTopology (topology_service.self-c603c946f63ec7a10e96c995629c8421ebdce0c741ab4f07065db80c7cdb9c8e.js:326)
    at NetworkTopologyCtrl (network_topology_controller.self-066c5e882e6e89f073cc47542bc7827285fb13d00dc65516ac1bfac5a07f4cc9.js:10)
    at Object.invoke (angular.self-f52e96200e93eab5e5989b1cfc1563dcd14957ec50245b37ea763e6abd127a54.js:5118)
    at $controllerInit (angular.self-f52e96200e93eab5e5989b1cfc1563dcd14957ec50245b37ea763e6abd127a54.js:11140)
    at nodeLinkFn (angular.self-f52e96200e93eab5e5989b1cfc1563dcd14957ec50245b37ea763e6abd127a54.js:10003)
    at compositeLinkFn (angular.self-f52e96200e93eab5e5989b1cfc1563dcd14957ec50245b37ea763e6abd127a54.js:9312)

EDIT: the bug I’m seeing is specific to master, fixed by

Where can I check the error is the JS console?

In your browser’s Developer Tools - the Console tab.

In Chrome, Ctrl+Shift+J should open it,
in Firefox it’s F12.

Here is it from chrome, MIQ does not start anyway in FF because of some issues in TLS.
Does the console say anything useful?

Not really, but thanks! :slight_smile:

So… there are no JS errors, and there is at least the provider visible, so some data is coming from the server.

You mentioned reloading - does it mean that it used to give you more data with a previous version, or does it really give you more the first time you load the screen but not on subsequent reloads?

The situation is pretty confusing, when I have first installed it I was able to see the topology, then next times I connect I see nothing, everything disappeared, I have rebooted the appliance, and revalidated the provider many times with no success.

Oh, and in the non-topology views, can you see any other entities?

Could it be that the provider “forgot” about all the things and you can’t see them anywhere, not just topology?

Here is a view of the provider for no topology, and it sees the clusters and VMs:

@Ashraf sorry, that’s the infrastructure view, not the network view.

None of those entities would be visible in the network topology, only in infrastructure topology.

I was talking about entities under the Networks menu, same as the failing topology screen.

You mean this view:


as you can see, there are no networks, subnets, routers, floating IPs or anything.
So, the network topology showing you just the provider is completely expected.

You would either need to refresh the network provider (assuming those entities should exist),
or you may want to check out the infrastructure topology (under Compute > Infrastructure) for a topology view with Vms, Hosts, Clusters, Datastores, etc.

Ok it is totally my mistake, I was looking in the Cloud topology for RHEVM, but it should be in the infra topology, now I can see everything, thank you so much for your support, and hints, that helped a lot.

Any time :slight_smile:

Glad it worked out :slight_smile:

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