New Database Server already create

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to configure a new infra from scratch and when I deploy a new OVF, the database is already create on the appliance.

I’m using the latest version.
I’m used to cloudforms and as far as I remember, we have to create the key first and create the local standalone database.

Now I’m confuse because when I try to create the local database, it’s says it’s already create.

Do you know why? or maybe I’m missing something.


if I do understand you right I had the same issue and struggled a lot to solve this, but finally it was very easy.
In my case I used vmware and added a separate disk for the database.
This is what I found in my documentation. Did it on ivanchuck-1 a time ago.

initialise database (on separate disk)

prepare external disk

VMWare add HardDisk 200GB


prepare db standalone server


  systemctl stop postgresql
  systemctl stop evmserverd

remove lvm for setup db on new drive

vi /etc/fstab
    remove entry /dev/mapper/vg_data-lv_pg
  umount /dev/mapper/vg_data-lv_pg
  lvremove /dev/mapper/vg_data-lv_pg

use dialog to configure db

SSH into MIQHOST and start appliance_console

7) Configure Database
  1) create internal Database
    Database only server? Y
    1) /dev/sdb 200GB

I hope this helps you.
Kind Regards Roman

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I found a script:


Stop and disable services

systemctl stop evmserverd
systemctl disable evmserverd

systemctl stop $APPLIANCE_PG_SERVICE
systemctl disable $APPLIANCE_PG_SERVICE

Remove auto-generated files

pushd /var/www/miq/vmdb
rm -f REGION GUID certs/* config/database.yml

Remove database

rm -rf ./*

After this, I can create a new internal database.

Thanks for your anwser.