New Infrastructure Provider : vCenter Validation

Hi I am adding a vCenter infrastructure provider however can’t seem to get passed the setup page and prompted “Validation Required”.

Any pointers where I can get more details to the cause?

I’m certain that the basic Hostname/Username/Credentials are correct.

Leveraging the VMware VM ManageIQ Appliance (euwe-1.20170117191124_99d8fcd)

I’ve tried against two separate vCenters.

Registering a Compute/Cloud/Provider(AWS) works just fine.

Are there ESX hosts associated with the Vcenter provider, and if so, have you added credentials for the hosts?

Make sure your credentials you are using work for logging into either vmware vsphere client or the vcenter webui. The ESX hosts accounts are different as they need to be setup on the relevent hosts and are used for the smartstate analysis.