New Report Templates

We have some basic report templates for provisioning that we have created that we would like to share.

  • Provisioning Current Month
  • Provisioning Current Quarter
  • Provisioning Last Month
  • Provisioning Last Quarter
  • Provisioning Year to Date

Should we add them to the depot or do a pull request and add the YAML files in the MIQ code base?

@jcornell If they are just sample reports for example purposes, then it might be good to have them in the core ManageIQ product. @gmccullough What do you think?

@johnmark Is the depot ready for sharing non-automate things yet (i.e. reports, policies, etc)?

@Fryguy Correct. They are similar to the Provisioning Activity by User, Datastore…already included but these are any provisioning activity by time frame instead.

I think they could end up in both the depot and as a PR. We can review the reports and hopefully get them pulled into newer builds. Users running older builds could download from the depot and import into their environments.