New split repo - manageiq-content

Hi all,

We’ve just completed another repo split. This time @bdunne has extracted the
default ManageIQ automate domain into the
repo. This repo will be the future home of not only the automate domain, but also all
of the other default content, such as reports and policies.

If you would like to contribute to just the automate domain, now it should be
much easier for you. Included in the extraction are the automate model specs,
so if you create any new automate methods, please also include specs with your
pull request. The specs can be run locally with bundle exec rake, and will
also be run as part of your pull request on Travis.

To get started and to understand how the testing setup is wired together, I’ve
updated the README on the new repo with contribution instructions.

If you have any questions, please ask them here

/cc @gmccullough @mkanoor @tinaafitz @ramrexx