New to ManageIQ and Tenant Migration-Where to kickstart


Recently I start knowing about cloud. I will going to work on Cloudfroms in the future, especially in tenant migration. My focus will be on Tenants(VMs, Workload and configurations) migration from one Infrastructure to other, example from VMWare to Open-stack. Before that, I want to play with ManageIQ to familiarize with cloud infrastructure management, tenant migration and migration automation. I have window laptop. I just wondering where to start - which software and tools I need to install, and which documents might be usefull in the process.

Thanks you very much.

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Hi @naruu If you are just looking to run the virtual appliance to kick the tires you can download latest stable or nightly build from Download community builds for your platform. You can look at the Docs link on that page for getting started with the appliance. If you want to setup a development environment you look at the Developer Setup page. However, there are no instructions for Windows platforms, only Mac and Linux.

Hi @gtanzillo. In this old post you mentioned that there are “no instructions for Windows platforms…” It would appear that this is still the case. Actually it seems that Linux is also currently unavailable (see screenshot of the ManageIQ Appliance Dev Setup below).

Am I reading this right? I’m totally new to ManageIQ. Thanks much.

In case anyone reads this thread in the future, I found answers here: Can one create an MIQ Dev Appliance in Linux or Windows environment?