Newbie AWS chargeback question

Hello, I’m trying to create a chargeback report for an EC2 instance. Since AWS charges based off of hourly usage, I tried creating the report based off of a chargeback rate created with the fixed compute cost. I followed adlinix’s advice below:

However, my report keeps coming back empty. Is there something I’m missing? I assigned an existing instance with the t2_large tag, set the created chargeback rate assignment to that tag, and then tagged the correct instance. Is there some literature on this?

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Hello Slee,

Are you able to see the preview(cloudintel->reports->reports-> select the chargeback report and go to edit) in the edit section, preview of chargeback report?

Hey geek-man,
Nope. It just shows an empty table

I take that back, I checked and it’s working now. I guess it took a while for the information to populate? (This was a little over 24 hrs).

Then, check your memory? If your memory is used more than 60%, no new workers are initiated and if your memory is used more than 80%, existing workers are terminated. So, check the memory usage with “free -h” command, if usage is more than 60%, double it.(This is the scenario if your chargeback rate sheets are populated correct and if you selected the tags and tenants in the report properly)


Hello @slee ,

how is it going? I wish you are good with the reports display.

Thanking you,

Thanks geek-man, it works well for the most part. I have a question about the storage chargebacks not showing for the AWS volumes in this thread. Any idea about that one?