Nightly OVA for oVirt disk out of free space in less than 2 days

I installed oVirt 4.0 master on top of oVirt Node Next Generation using oVirt Engine Appliance for Hosted Engine. I installed also RDO Mitaka all-in-one form CentOS Cloud SIG.
Then I installed ManageIQ nightly OVA and added oVirt as infrastructure provider and Mitaka as cloud provider. I have 2 nodes and 6 VMs in total (Hosted Engine, Mitaka, ManageIQ, CentOS 7 Atomic, Foreman and Katello on CentOS 7, CentOS 7 + Docker)

After 2 days uptime ManageIQ stopped to work with no space left on device.

@sandrobonazzola can you provide more details about your environment. How much space did you start out with prior to installing MIQ? Also what is the current size of the MIQ logs folder.