Not able to see 14 demo machines in xclarity from miq

I am testing out xclarity-1.2.2 with miq fine-1

  1. Following is a list of 14 machines got created when I select to include the demo data.

  2. And I was able to connect the xclarity VMware instances to miq but the 14 demo physical server doesn’t show up. it show 0 physical servers.

The admin login/password was correct , not sure the “Last refresh” was showing error.

Do I have to really add real physical system X machines ?

From that failure message I think the problem is with how the provider was created. At the moment, when the provider is created, you need to specify the complete URI for the provdier (e.g. https://xx.xx.xx.xx ). It is possible for the provider to successfully refresh with the demo servers alone.

I was using just hostname without https://prefix

Thanks to @rodneyhbrown7 help, following is a successful screenshot.

And here is very cool topology diagram