Nothing happens when cloning vms or deploying templates

I downloaded the OVA template for vSphere, gave it a basic configuration and configured it to connect to a vCenter server. ManageIQ correctly found the vmware nodes and all the VMs running inside them. I can connect to the existing VMs and I can even shutdown or reboot them, so far so good.
However if I try to deploy an existing template, or to clone an existing VM, nothing happens: I fill out all the required details and submit the request, which gets automatically approved, probably because I’m working with the admin user but no new VM is created.
Actually under Infrastructure-Requests I see no requests which is odd, but under Services-Requests I can see it, for example this:

Clone from [626960af-2059-491d-8957-515c71ac070c] to [testluca]

Request Details

Requested by Administrator
Submitted On Mon Jan 19 17:35:21 CET 2015
Last Update Mon Jan 19 17:35:46 CET 2015
Last Message Automation Starting
Status Pending
Approved/Denied by admin (Administrator)
Date Approved/Denied Mon Jan 19 17:35:28 CET 2015
Reason Auto-Approved
Provisioned VMs 1

I just got started with ManageIQ so the configuration is largely the same one wich came with the OVA template.

Any help on where to look is greatly appreciated

Under Configure -> Configuration make sure you have the Automation Engine role enabled for your server.

yes that did the trick! thank you

@gmccullough Is there anything wrong with turning that on by default?