Openshift 3.1 provider appears to be broken

Seem to be still experiencing the issues discussed in

Hoping someone can help with a work around?

Methods to reproduce

  1. Install OpenShift Origin v3.1 using byo playbook
  2. Deploy ManageIQ Capablanca (capablanca-1.20160209142121_d9bbf5f)
  3. Configure Kubenetes service account
  1. Ensure additional permissions have been applied as per previous issue.


[KubeException]: User "system:serviceaccount:management-infra:management-admin" cannot list all componentstatuses in the cluster  Method:[rescue in block in refresh]

Software Versions

  • origin-sdn-ovs-
  • origin-node-
  • origin-master-
  • origin-clients-
  • origin-


Hi @seasonal_coder the issue that you’re seeing is not related to

The issue is which is closed but not resolved, because it has been moved to

Those are error messages reporting that OpenShift has still not addressed the component statuses issue but anyway they’re not affecting the inventory collection (which completes successfully anyway).