Openshift 4 as container provider in ManageIQ

I have to clarify I am newbie on ManageIQ, so I have some question regarding it.
I have two cluster that I want to add to ManageIQ. One of it is running OKD 3.11 and one of it is running Openshift Container Platform(OCP) 4.2. I’m using ManageIQ on latest version of ivanchuk-2

I have successfully able to add OKD 3.11 as one of the container provider on ManageIQ.

On the other hand, I observe that Openshift 4.2 does not have standard service account(management-admin) and roles which I have created to follow the standard steps of adding container provider to ManageIQ.

Unfortunately after following same steps with with OKD, I got the following error

Credential validation was not successful: HTTP status code 404, 404 Not Found for GET

I read that it seems ManageIQ will not work against Openshift 4

I would like to know if someone can point me to right direction if they have successfully add Openshift 4 as provider on ManageIQ.

Thank you

Indeed, ManageIQ Openshift provider doesn’t work against 4.x. We (Red Hat) are not planning to work on that. Though if you want to contribute towards such support, the issue you linked is a good starting point, and I’m happy to guide you (I’m cben on github too). But realistically, it will be a big effort, don’t expect much testing/support, you’ll be largely on your own.

However, I expect it will work as a Kubernetes provider!
(If not, please report, best as bug on

Alternatives for managing Openshift 4

  • The cluster’s UI console is improved in 4.x, can help with some tasks that ManageIQ had to do for 3.x.
    • 4.x clusters are more aware of underlying cloud providers, e.g. the cluster can create new nodes.
  • By default, 4.x clusters send telemetry to Red Hat, and based on that data you can get some multi-cluster visibility at (and more actions for Dedicated clusters). That service is currently closed source :-|.

These are in some ways better and in some ways worse than ManageIQ…
If you have goals that you’re missing with 4.x, we’re happy to hear feedback at (or here, but might get off-topic).

UPDATE: Adam implemented Openshift 4 inventory refresh in :tada:.
There are probably corners that don’t work yet. Haven’t tested it myself.
I’m less involved now and can’t speak to plans, whether it will be supported downstream etc…