OpenShift and AWS management from ManageIQ

Hi there!

I have OpenShift on AWS and I managed to add both OpenShift and AWS in ManageIQ. ManageIQ is on an EC2 instance. I was wondering if there are any tutorial on how could I manage OpenShift and AWS from ManageIQ? I would like to be able to scale up instances, control nodes/pods and basically everything what is needed for management, besides monitoring.

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I can only speak to the Openshift part.
Openshift support is still mostly read-only.
@Andrei, we’d love hearing what you expect “is needed for management” in more details!

Very high-level overview of current functionality:

  • We collect inventory & metrics. You can explore the data in UI, see a pretty “topology” graph, build reports.
  • We listen to events and can run policies (unfortunately until is solved, it’s unreliable for many containers events)
  • We can scan images, both to get info on software inside and checking OpenSCAP security definitions. (This involves launching image-inspector pods, which is technically isn’t “read only” but that’s just an implementation detail.) One way in which this can affect openshift is you can invoke a policy action (on e.g. images with bad security results) to annotate images such that Openshift will actually prevent those from running.

I suspect a big exception is Automate — you can probably perform operations on Openshift through it? — but I don’t know anything about it.
There has been some work on allowing openshift templates to be instantiated from ManageIQ code. Not sure if it’s been completed and how you’d access this as a user.

various docs: