Openshift monitoring with ManageIQ

Hello, I am a newbie of manageiq monitoring tool. I am trying to access to openshift with manageiq. My development environment is windows 10 and docker container with manageiq/manageiq:fine-1image. I made successful connection to hawkular on localhost with typed-in real ip address of hawkular. But in case of openshift, I can hardly make connection of openshift provider. The below pictures show my openshift provider configuration on manageiq.

openshift host :
API port : 443
Verify TLS Certificates : deactivated.
username and password : Red Hat sign in username and password

But it throws the the error message.

Like the connection with hawkular, do i have to type in the actual ip address? Then where can I find the ip address of openshift cloud?

Your reply will be deeply appreciated! Thanks in advance

Hi @jhwang, try removing the ‘https’ in front of your hostname and see how it goes

Thank you for your reply. Like your advice I add the hostname “” without https . But It throws the exception. “Credential validation was not successful”. And the following message is from rhevm.log

 E, [2017-05-22T10:45:26.142552 #6590:2b2557e12448] ERROR -- : Ovirt::Service#parse_error_response Return from URL: <> Data:{
  "kind": "Status",
  "apiVersion": "v1",
  "metadata": {},
  "status": "Failure",
  "message": "User \"system:anonymous\" cannot \"get\" on \"/ovirt-engine/api\"",
  "reason": "Forbidden",
  "details": {},
  "code": 403

Any idea?

So, you say you are trying to connect to OpenShift, but you are using the RHV provider in ManageIQ, which is one alarm raised for me that you do something wrong. Try going to the Containers section instead where you can find the possibility of adding an OpenShift provider. However, the OpenShift provider in ManageIQ is authenticated using token, therefore I am not sure if you can actually manage the OpenShift Online account with ManageIQ but I would leave that for someone from containers team to answer, @simon3z ?

Milan Falešník
Senior QE

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I solved it!

Thanks for your correct answer!

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