Openstack and ManageIQ Floating IP Pools Synchronization

Floating IP Pools are used in Openstack to Allow for Public Access to Openstack Instances . While Provisioning Instances , the use of eligible_floating_ip_addresses is not synchronous. While provisioning a LAMP stack using Service Bundles, the lag between MIQ and Openstack causes floating ips to show up as unused till the next ems_refresh is carried out. what is the best option to enable synchronization between MIQ and Openstack

have you found a solution to synchronize eligible_floating_ip_addresses?

@gmccullough Thoughts?

I think the proper way to do this is to associate the floating IP with the provisioning task so that the IP can be temporarily removed from the list of eligible IP addresses while the task is active. Once the provisioning task is in a finished state (regardless of success or failure) we would rely on the refresh to identify if there is a relationship between a cloud instance and a Floating IP.

The refresh would also track the cloud instance life-cycle and detect when the IP has been released and eligible for new provisioning tasks.

This would require a migration to allow the provision task and floating IP to be associated.