Openstack database connection prblem

I installed two openstack in two datcenters and then add them to ManageIQ as cloud provider. Now I can see all images and instances and also quota set on them. In cloud intelligence, the top storage consumers is listed. but there isnt any dats about memory, cpu, last boot time, os information, u&c report and so on.
I have problem in provision an instance too. I do provisioning step by step but after approve a request it is pending state yet (not active) and no new instance in openstack.
I think the manageIQ can not connect to openstack datavase. Am I right?

For the other data you mentioned, some of them are obtained via Smart state analysis of the VMs and Images.

For the U&C you need to allow workers in Configuration/Region/Zones/Zone/Server all C&U related
And then CFME region tab C&U collection, checkbox “collect all”

Be sure you also approve Automation Engine in Configuration/Region/Zones/Zone/Server, so your provisioning works.

If provisioning doesn’t work, please include evm.log that capture provisioning and versions of ManageIQ and OpenStack you are using. It doesn’t seem like a DB problem.