OpenStack Multi-Region Support

We seem to be running into the error when connecting ManageIQ up to our multi-region OpenStack deployment:

ERROR – : MIQ(EmsOpenstack.verify_api_credentials) Error Class=Fog::Errors::NotFound, Message=Multiple regions available choose one of these ‘RegionOne,RegionTwo’

This error is coming back from fog because no region is specified and we do not see a way to specify it aside form direct modification of the code.

Adding “:openstack_region => ‘RegionOne’,” to line 52 in /var/www/miq/lib/openstack/openstack_handle/handle.rb seems to resolve the issue.


ManageIQ doesn’t support multi region now, @blomquisgit’s is it in the roadmap now?

Yes adding region on that line will solve the issue, we always need to send it to Fog. Though full support of regions will be harder, it should scan all regions and it will have to use correct region for every operation or give user a way to pick region for operation.

Any news on the region support for Openstack ?
We need to add regions for some Openstack providers and no way to use MIQ.
Thanks in advance,

@blomquisg can you review this question from @Ludo and forward to SME if necessary.

This is also a big deal for me, would really love to see multi-region support as a feature soon.