Openstack tenants quota usage trend report

We are currently attempting to generate Openstack tenants quota usage trend report:
a. Total aggregate of quotas that are currently set for selected tenants on OpenStack.
b. Total aggregate resources usage that is being consumed in the selected tenants.
c. Compared over time with a monthly granularity, preferably with a line chart graph.

  1. How can we show a. compared to b. in same report?
  2. Is c. possible out of the box? if not, what are our options except exporting the report data to external reporting tool?


@dclarizio can you review this question from @Alexander_Braverman and forward to a SME if necessary.

@ramrexx, wondering if you or someone you know might have some experience in writing these types of reports?

  • As long as the columns are there, “a” seems doable.
  • For “b”, I’m not sure if we can reference the tenant of an instance from C&U data (that holds the usage metrics), so reporting on that may not be available currently.
  • On “c”, we can only chart one column at a time in custom reports. If 2 charts that you hold side by side would work, then as long as you can create both “a” and “b”, this would be doable.
  • On “1” and “2”, the quotas in “a” are (I think) on the Tenant records and the usage in “b” are in the C&U records, so exporting may be the only way to get those combined without new features added to reporting.

@dclarizio, thank you for the reply. Our quota might change over time, and we want to track it too in our reports.
Looks like only the last qouta set in OpenStack is saved. Is there a C&U record for quotas? or something of the sort.

Regarding exporting, is there out of the box support for sending reports results to other databases? or workaround for collecting it, for example Logstash or an Ansible script?