Ordering a service?

All users are in one same group. The tag is filtered based on group, even we create tag for each user, can we only assign tag to user? I don’t think so.

Moreover, we have hundreds or thousands of users, it’s hard to create tag for each user.

Hi, guys!

I have a test user in “qa” group. Environment-QA is assigned to group and user, and catalog. But I still cant see a service dialog.
I have changed the “VM & Template Access Restriction” setting to ‘None’, but nothing was happen…

So, what should I do to see the Service dialog with my test user.
It works fine with Administrator…

UPD. It’s Hammer release.

So. Problem was in additional tags. User had a b it more tags than service, so he could not see it.

Now the service and the user have only one tag.