Out-of-the-box orchestration


I’m trying to understand main functionalities of ManageIQ, but I couldn’t find out if MIQ has already implemented natively the orchestration engine. All information regarding this feature are related to external services like AWS and OpenStack. More precisely, I’m wondering if I’m able run orchestration templates without using Amazon or OpenStack. According to my understanding, orchestrations means: a
system which provides methods to design and control technical processes; these processes will directly communicate with service instances and systems and execute tasks there.

Thank you,
Mihai G.

ManageIQ has an Automation Engine built in which allows you to set up any type of orchestration workflow. ManageIQ also integrates with AWS CloudFormations and OpenStack Heat to expose their orchestration templates as ManageIQ Services that a use can order. Finally, one can even extend the vendors’ orchestration templates because service ordering is run via the ManageIQ Automation Engine.