oVirt 3.6.z Refresh failed

  • I added three 3.5.2 oVirt providers with success
  • I then added a 3.6.1 oVirt provider. The default credential was OK (green, verified).
  • No discovery seems to happen, hosts, VM and storage values stay at zero.

evm.log is showing :

[----] E, [2016-01-06T16:21:13.298674 #65109:e97988] ERROR -- : MIQ(ManageIQ::Providers::Redhat::InfraManager::Refresher#refresh) EMS: [serv-mvm-al01], id: [2] Refresh failed
[----] E, [2016-01-06T16:21:13.299236 #65109:e97988] ERROR -- : [NoMethodError]: undefined method `[]=' for nil:NilClass  Method:[rescue in block in refresh]
[----] E, [2016-01-06T16:21:13.299456 #65109:e97988] ERROR -- : /opt/rubies/ruby-2.2.3/lib/ruby/gems/2.2.0/gems/ovirt-0.7.1/lib/ovirt/vm.rb:277:in `parse_xml'

At first I thought it was related to [Solved] Problem with new EMS Cloud but the error seems to lie in another file (and not related to badly truncated void strings).

Any idea?
Should I file a bug?

Hi @neca.

I believe there is already an issue that was filed: https://github.com/ManageIQ/manageiq/issues/5741

If you have any more details to give, please comment there. If that issue is not related to yours, then please open a new issue.