Pass Objects to another Method during Retirement

Hey there,

i have a little questions for the retirement workflow.

As i mentioned in the Provision Workflow, there is an method called “set_option” / “get_option” where you can pass variables to the next method.

Is there a possibility in the retirement workflow, too ?
We tried the methods “instance_variable_get” / “instance_variable_set” but this seems not to work :frowning:


The Provision workflow has a request, while the retirement workflow doesn’t have a request, so the get_option or set_option is not going to be viable.

You can get variables from any other objects that might be the workspace. Can you explain what your use case is and we can figure out a work around.


thanks for your update ! Yes, we figured that out… we only want to pass some own variables or content between the methods/steps in our statemachine… i think thats a very common use case.