Performance data


I have provided C and U password of rhev 3.4 but under Optimize–> Utilization I don’t see Utilization Trend Summary.It says No Performance data is available for the selected item. What am I missing here?


Two things:

  • Have you enabled the C & U Roles? And, then selected which items that you want to collect from?
  • If you did the above, how long have you waited. ManageIQ actually needs some time to collect the data before it can by displayed.

Thanks !. I think that is what I missed. Now that I have enabled it, how much of time does it need to show up. Will it take a month? It has only been 2 weeks I have installed manageiq appliance and hooked my rhev clusters to it.


Oh no, you should see some data within the hour, but you need to make sure you choose “hourly” for your interval when you can actually get into the Utilization screens. After 24-48 hours, you will be able to use “daily”.

Great Thanks!. I will check it !

I am using latest version of manageiq, I have enabled C & U Collection under configure-> configure -> CFME Region: Region 0 [0] . But I am not finding any performance data even after 24 hrs, am I missing anything?

Also I did enable following under zones -> Server Roles as well

Capacity & Utilization Coordinator
Capacity & Utilization Data Collector
Capacity & Utilization Data Processor

after waiting for 1 week , finish can see the graph , thank for all reply