Peter McGowan on authoring "Mastering CloudForms Automation" + e-book download

Want to learn more about ManageIQ/CloudForms’ Automate feature and harness the power of the tool? You’ll find it handy to have Peter McGowan (@pemcg)'s book “Mastering CloudForms Automation”!

You can download the book in pdf, epub and mobi formats from this link at the Red Hat Customer Portal. We are also planning to make available a ManageIQ version of the book on Please stay tuned for that!

The book is organized in six parts as follows:

  • Learn the objects and concepts for developing automation scripts with CloudForms (ManageIQ) Automate
  • Customize the steps and workflows involved in provisioning virtual machines
  • Create and use service catalogs, items, dialogs, objects, bundles, and hierarchies
  • Use CloudForms (ManageIQ)'s updated workflow to retire and delete virtual machines and services
  • Orchestrate and coordinate with external services as part of a workflow
  • Explore distributed automation processing as well as argument passing and handling

Before you dive into the book, check out this interesting interview where Peter shares his thoughts and experiences on the process of creating it. From how a holiday in Italy contributed to the initial Gitbook, to how understanding Peter’s book might beef up your CV, he takes us on the tough but rewarding journey of having his words wrapped in O’Reilly bindings with the Red Breasted Goose animal cover.

Thank you Peter, we’re so proud of you! Looking forward to the ManageIQ adaptation, as well as possible cookbooks in the future.