Policy profiles automatically assign to VMs

Hi all,

I’m using ManageIQ Ivanchuck. I’m trying to assign a policy profile automatically during provisioning to the VM as the provisioned appliances should be checked regularly. How can this be achieved?
I’ve created a schedule which runs daily to check the compliance but it only works on VMs which have the policy profile assigned.

Or this there an easier way to achieve a regular check of VMs without policy profiles? I thought about tags but I don’t get to the point where and how to execute what…

Thanks and Cheers

If you assign the policy profile to the provider (or cluster etc), then anything under that object will also automatically be covered by the policy profile. So new VMs created on that cluster or provider should automatically be covered.

Hope this helps,

Hi pemcg,

Thank you for your answer. Your suggestion worked perfectly fine for me :slight_smile: At first, I was a bit confused as the policy logo wasn’t visible on the VM itself so I (wrongly) assumed it’s not working…

Looks good so far - thank you again!