Possibility to provide ipv6 address in VMware customizations

Hey there,

i would like to assign an ipv4 and ipv6 (dual-stack) configuration to the VMware Customizations.
I looked at the code:

this function is collection only ipv4 settings from the provision object and in this section:

should be another VimHash for CustomizationFixedIpV6 described here:

It’s just a simple brainstorm for you, but maybe its possible to provide an RFE ?


Hey @schmandforke we had an RFE for this but I’m struggling to find it now. If you are able you can put a PR in and I’ll be happy to review/test/merge it!

take a look deeper:

this suggestion based on the idea that there is a different parameter for ipv4 and ipv6 addresses in the vm object.
but the object walker on a vm (with dual stack ip configuration) shows me that there is only this field:

$evm.root['vm'].ipaddresses = ["", "fe80::9511:369c:929a:afff", "fe80::8de:3c5a:3ba:affd", "2a00:e400:6:afff::afff"]

as i can see, the data from the VMware provider also have no idea for Nic-Index to IP configuration. So how to map these informations ?

In the case above, i have a vm with 2 interfaces:

v6_lo: fe80::9511:369c:929a:afff

v4: -
v6: 2a00:e400:6:afff::afff
v6_lo: fe80::8de:3c5a:3ba:affd

the WebUI also doesn’t know how to map, because the duplicate ipv6 configuration of Nic2 creates a third NIC (only WebUI)

did you mean this RFE ?


Yup that’s the one thanks

can you try to reassign the RFE ?

Loic Avenel 2019-01-22 12:23:47 UTC
Will be revise when Market will move to IPv6

I think the market is ready for v6 :wink: