Post VM Provision

Hello Dears,
I am a newbie in MIQ (and in Devops world:)), trying to implement my idea of isolated provisioning VLAN for VMWare provider.

So, I have separate VLAN with PXE/DHCP server for provisioning VMs with some installation ISO over the network. IPAM module is used to assign an IP from future VLAN.
My steps are:

  1. Catalog service dialog asking for destination VLAN - OK
  2. Assign IP from Destination VLAN using IPAM module - OK
  3. Provisioning with PXE + kickstart file installation (using IP from step 2) -OK
  4. Now, when the VM is provisioned and reported, I want to change VM Vlan to Destination VLAN from step 1, but can’t get my head around post-provisioning context object that can do that

I know that can be done from Infrastructure->VM -> Reconfigure Virtual Machine.
But, I wasn’t able to figure out how to run it from StateMachine.
I also tried to call for simple Ansible Tower Job (vmware_guest module) that can do that, but, also can’t pass required params (vm name, datacenter, host…)

Perhaps someone may assist and point to the right direction, please…


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