Presentations from Design Summit

Hello there, do we have the design summit slides / presentations or recordings posted up
for those that could not make it over two weeks ago ( Thanks in advance!


The presentations are available on:

The recordings are not available at the moment, I know work is in progress to put them online.

Thanks for presentations!
Were some sessions recorded and will be available too? :wink:


@cybette Would you please chime in on this topic?

Hi, as Mike has mentioned, the slides are now available, as well as the demo videos accompanying the presentations. The session recordings are still be processed, I’ve been rather busy with Red Hat Summit preparations and few other tasks, but I hope to have them ready and uploaded in early July (before I take my summer break). Thanks for your patience and please stay tuned!

(A blog post is also being prepared listing the above in order, will be live once it’s merged.)

Perfect, just used the blog to demo ManageIQ/CloudForms in context to the Nuage Demo for the possibilities of using the Network provider for deeper Network Information.

Thanks again,


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