Preview the beta ManageIQ website and give your feedback!

Update Oct 11, 2016: The new website is now live at Read about it here and check it out!

We have been working on renewing the ManageIQ website over the past couple of months. You might have heard about it in the recent Sprint review meetings. Today we’re excited to reveal the first look at the beta version of the new!

With refreshed visuals, improved user interaction, and updated content, we want to enhance the experience for those getting started with ManageIQ for the first time, as well as making it easier for seasoned users to find what they need. Things are still slightly rough around the edges, and here is where you can help. Take a look around the beta site and give your comments here in this post.

Look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions!

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Looking great!

Personally I’d rather see a slightly narrower top bar margin, especially as the front page is quite scroll-heavy. Would rather have more vertical real estate in my window on this laptop screen:


So cool!

@hayesr I am using AdBlock plus in Chrome and the Community page is sort of stuck for me. I think it started after I popped open the gitter chat and then closed it. Basically I see at the bottom left “Waiting for AdBlock Plus extension…”, and the counter on the AdBlock plus badge just keeps climbing and climbing.

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Great work :slight_smile:

But seeing this in /docs

That column is only 35% wide, causing unnatural-looking wrapping in the central div.

Also, that left pane suddenly changes size when you click on one of the links, which is …surprising :).

Aand on the community page, the Sprint reviews section deserves some bottom margin, othewise it almost looks like a part of the footer…

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This is amazing! I can’t get over how fluid it is,…I really like the download section and the layout.

Question: On the page when you click on Open Chat,… a slide panel pops to the right and a gitter room is active. Which room is this? Will this room be used when the site goes live?

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It’s the main repo room - if there’s a more appropriate one let me know! Otherwise the plan is to use it live as well.

Great job @hayesr

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Thanks @cybette,…cool. I was confused by a chat going on. LGTM.

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Hmm. I use AdBlock + Chrome too, (but also with Ghostery) I’ll tinker with it.

Thanks, @himdel I’m still working on margins and typography in various places.

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Great job :thumbsup: @hayesr, the new website looks awesome!

So far, I only have comments to the Blog tab:

  • is it possible to align paging to the center?
  • the headers with blog titles seems too big to me comparing with header “ManageIQ Blog” on top of the page. It seems it’s same hight or even more


Also I’ve just noticed that the menu on the bottom does not adapt well for some resolutions, but I have a feeling that I saw somewhere that you’re still working on responsivity, so it may not be issue anymore :wink:

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It looks cool! I like this style

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Looks awesome!!!

I couldn’t find the team introduction however :frowning:
Will be this available in the new version?

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There’s been discussions on making the “team” page more community-like, and one of the suggestions is to simply link to the contributors on github. I’m also looking into ways to make it more visually interesting, perhaps like how it looks on Open Hub.

Yeah the problem with the current team page is that it’s very hard to keep up to date. In addition, there are many contributors outside of the core team, and it just feels too exclusionary to leave them out. My vote has been to kill the team page, personally, or perhaps replace it with a much smaller list, like those with commit access.

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@hayesr and one more thing:

I’ve used many times the Edit this page on GitHub link on the bottom of the old website. Do you plan to do something like this in the new version?

It’s handy that in case I find some issue on the page, I don’t need to search it in repository, because the link just takes me to the right file.


@romanblanco yes it’s in the plans. It wasn’t marked as a “blocker” for the initial release, but when the website is available in the main repo, we do want/encourage people to raise issues and submit PRs through GitHub and having the “Edit this page” links would definitely make it more convenient for contribution!

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I came here to say that

gives a 404.

Hi @adej, may I know where you got the URL from? It should be (without the “Enterprise”) and if it’s from some other place in the documentation we’ll update accordingly.