Problem: Creating networks from MIQ to OpenStack

I have been trying to create a new internal network from MIQ but the only options I am presented with are: Flat, GRE, Local, which are external network options.

I use the Openstack “admin” user account to bind MIQ with OpenStack. The “Admin” account has been added to all Projects/Tenants with the “admin role”.

From MIQ I select the main tab "Networks -> Networks, then configuration -> Add a new Cloud Network.

Then I always get an error in the creation process due to the creation process attempting to create an external network (it seems).

Anyone having a similar challenge? Do you have a work around?

Hi @codebeaver22 I see that you’ve tagged this as being the Euwe release.
Have you tried using the Fine release? We just released the Fine RC last yesterday.

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Good morning @jprause.

Indeed the Fine-2 version is functioning correctly for the above problem stated.

Thank you.

@codebeaver22 thanks for the update! That’s great news.