Problem with a Regex

I try to put some Regex in my form and some work except this:

([5-9]{1}+$)|(ee^[1-9]{1}[0-9]{1,1000}$) (character ee is too much)

If I test this regex on the web site, that work as I want, but into my form with a text box, nop. Maybe It dislike a pipe.

I also tried this regex in the same textbook and It’s works: ^[0-9]{5}$

Have you an idea please.

Thank for your help.

I make an another regex more simple and It works perfectly.

Can you elaborate on what you’re trying to do with the regex, please?

Which form are you trying to put it in? And how? Is this an existing ManageIQ form?

Possibly difference in syntax between whatever ends up running your regex and tubular.

That said… just reading the regex … ee^ means you first want the literal e twice, and only then a start of line. That will never match anything, so possibly that’s where the problem comes from.

Hello Himdel,

Both letters appear on the forum page and I don’t know why. They should be omitted.

I continued my research and finally put this on and it works:


Thank you for your help