Problem With Customization Template

I want to deploy a virtual machine. When I provision a virtual machine in the customize section I select my custom template to change the ip:

Configure basic host parameeters:

host_name: <% = evm [: hostname]%>
user_name: root
root_password: <% = MiqPassword.decrypt (evm [: root_password])%>

network config

network-interfaces: |
iface eth0 inet static
address <% = evm [: ip_addr]%>
netmask <% = evm [: subnet_mask]%>
gateway <% = evm [: gateway]%>

network restart


  • ifdown eth0
  • ifup eth0

The problem is that when it is deployed from the template used does not change name or change the network parameters.

My version is:

  • manageiq: Version fine-2.20171006160828_6137fff
  • rhev: 4.1