Problem with files discover


I have a problem with Smart configuration file.

I have been collected on Vm’s Packages & init processes but not collect files.

I have test on NTFS & EXT3 & EXT4.

My configuration this is a connect on the vcenter
The discover is good,
host and vm has been collected
The smart analysis is good too on VM (i think)

Thanks for your help

@samhuin , which scan profile are you using? For whatever reason (and we need to open a issue on this) , VMs scans do not use the VM Sample profile which would seem like the obvious choice.

You need to copy the profile and name it as default. In addition, you need to set the files collected to be true. Please note there is a issue using wildcards (/etc/*.conf) which seems to be broken and requires each file to be added individually until it is fixed. Then future scans will start to pick up these files specfied.

In addition, you can configure policies to use different scan profiles when trying to control the environments.


HI @dajohnso,

we have change policy with only one files for test (/etc/hosts) and we have same result.

i have check the policy, i thinks is good.

What can I give you for help?